Stainless steel jewelery – Growing urban fashion for men

The jewelry world is witness to its greatest growth in stainless steel jewelry, especially for demanding urban men who want to add some style to their daily routine. Men’s jewelry has quickly become a popular trend in recent years, and there are several reasons for this. The 5 main reasons for this increase include strength and durability, masculinity, affordability and virtually maintenance free. For these reasons, men’s steel bracelets and rings can be worn daily and almost everywhere. So how is stainless steel establishing itself on top of the podium of men’s jewelry men’s jewelry?

Daily usability

The strength and durability of men’s jewelry are important if it is to survive years of wear and tear and use. Stainless steel consists of iron ore (susceptible to corrosion) in combination with chromium (anti-corrosion properties), which fights corrosion or dyeing, hence the stainless aspect of steel. Carbon in very small quantities (less than 0.5%) are melted into the metal for increased durability and strength. Fortunately, these materials are much more abundant than silver or gold. We are left with a low cost, but a very solid metal to work with.

Stainless steel is not very resistant to scratches when it is polished to shine, which applies to most available stainless jewelry. Most surface scratches are not visible with 6 inches or furthur fortunately. Silver polishing cloths will not remove most scratches, but will restore the brilliance of stainless steel jewellery. There are ways to re-polish light scratches of the surface using very cheap materials and this can be done at home, a topic that will be discussed in a future article.

Costs of production of steel jewelry

Stainless steel bullion costs about the same as copper, which is 5-10 times smaller than pure silver, as verified by the nationally recognized distributor of bullion – the mint of metals. This relatively low cost is another reason for the recent adoption of stainless steels in the men’s jewelry industry.

Used by blacksmiths for several centuries and widely used today from our cars to aircraft, steel has a certain sense of masculinity embedded in. Industrial applications have retained the exclusivity of steel until about 5 years ago. Men now have at their disposal a wide selection of stainless steel bracelets and stainless steel rings. Steel also finds its place in the chain of necklaces, creating a long and heavy steel-based chain that appeals to men for much lower costs than before.

Production of stainless steel jewelry is also quite simple, keeping production costs low. The casting process provides reproducible results, which gives creative designers of male jewelry the freedom to vaccinate a bold, masculine style in a hard and stylish package.

Stylish Appeal and affordability

Bicycle chain and skull jewellery are popular precisely for this reason. The motorcycle chain is usually responsible for powering the wheel. The same bike chain was designed as a stainless steel bracelet for men to wear every day, and is an excellent example of stainless steel intended for men’s jewelry: Bracelet links in the bike chain must, however, be polished and rounded, among other things, to be practical in everyday use.

The latest rage on skull jewellery now finds its place in stainless steel. Heavy and thick chains (widths exceeding 6 mm), which usually cost several hundred dollars in a sterling silver sample of 930 mm, can now be made of stainless steel for a fraction of the price, giving consumers countless possibilities. Stylish chains and several well-known classic styles such as Rombo, Cable, Curb, and bike chain designs are now available in thick and heavy packaging for less than $100 and not a few hundred.

Allergic reactions to steel jewellery

Allergic reactions to stainless steel metals is unfortunately a reality for a very small percentage of the population, because stainless steel consists of nickel, titanium, chromium and other alloys, which can cause skin irritation or skin rashes. stainless steel jewelry contains nickel, but its combination with steel makes it unlikely to be the culprit for people with nickel allergy. Contact your doctor to find out what affects you.

There are universal appeals for stainless steel jewelry, and its recent fame will grow as trends adopt more designs and styles in stainless steel. Low production costs and daily usability will significantly contribute to the rapid growth of stainless steel products available over the next few years. Hypoallergenic gold and silver will remain as ideal metals for those with strong allergies to nickel.


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