Hiring Landscape Contractor

Landscaping projects are complex creatures that require qualified professionals to act on time, on budget and on an equal footing with high expectations. Simply put, choosing the right landscape contractors los angeles can make the difference between bitter disappointment and a life-long investment whose neighbours will whisper with envy.

In addition to its obvious visual and functional advantages, landscape quality can increase the value of your most valuable asset – your home. According to a recent Gallop survey, landscape management will increase the value of your home by 7-15%. This means an average of 100% to 200% return on your land-use investment!

Not all contractors are equal

Regardless of what some contractors will believe consumers, there is a clear difference between makeshift companies and seasonal landscaping activities. The landscape architecture industry has one of the highest turnover rates for companies in the country compared to other small companies. Reason? For any first degree contractor in landscape architecture, there are many “shovel and truck” companies that are unlicensed, uninsured and unable to repair the warranty due to the short life of the company.

Preparation is crucial

Before you start looking for a contractor you can even start, you should specify the specific details of the work, how much you are willing to spend, and when you want the work completed. Drawing up your needs compared to landscape desires, you will be very helpful to all contractors in preparing an accurate offer for your project.

Ask a lot of questions! In meetings with potential contractors, use their expertise to consider design and construction opportunities. Remember that in search of a beautified courtyard, you and your contractor are a team and you have to be on the same website. It is often the case that contractors are able to complement their own design ideas with improvements in terms of impact and budget.

If some of your ideas have been taken from magazines or other gardens, try to have photos on hand. Take as many measurements as possible and draw up a realistic timetable for project completion.

Qualifications and experience

The first question that the house owner should ask the potential contractor is a proof of insurance and a licence to carry out land development work. Most states currently regulate the landscape architecture industry and require contractors to have insurance. Uninsured contractors can often charge much lower prices than their counterparts, but represent a huge risk of liability to property and home.

The great temptation for many homeowners is to choose the lowest priced offer in order to obtain a large amount for a land development project. Although it may be possible to secure a quality contractor at one of the lower bid prices, many times, lower bids represent inexperienced or uninsured companies.

Remember that your landscaping project is an investment and spend a few extra dollars in front of a reputable company can save you thousands of dollars and a big headache down the road.


One of the best hallmarks of the contractor’s experience is a solid portfolio of satisfied customers. Most companies compile before and after photos from previous works. Ask for a look at the photos and a list of references. They can never hurt a conversation with former clients and find out how exactly their experience has evolved.

General information

It is definitely important to learn more about each company you are considering. Find out how long your company has been doing business, where it is based and how big your company is.

Never rule out a purely size-based contractor, but in general, larger, more established companies can keep their promises more effectively than new operations.

Written agreement/amount/schedule

Never allow a landcaper to start working on a project without first receiving a written contract that includes a fixed quotation and schedule. While certain deviations can be built into the offer in case of emergency situations and unforeseen circumstances that may occur, expenses should always be documented.

Also make sure that the offer includes warranty information on plants, difficult landscapes and other features. Do not accept an oral commitment; the guarantee must be on paper in the event that any aspect of the work will not survive the guarantee.

Final decision

The choice of contractor is limited to several main factors. While price is important, do not exclude a company that is more expensive just because of price. Consider all evidence, including qualifications and their ability to communicate.

Opportunities are in the next few months will see a frequent increase in the number of employees.


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