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Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs have helped people trying to quit smoking. The latest studies have confirmed that people who used e-cigarettes to quit smoking succeeded more often than people who didn’t use e-cigs. That is why the product has become so popular in the market today. E-liquid is an essential component of an electronic cigarette. There are many companies that produce e-juice, but all these companies are not created the same. That is why you need to be cautious when choosing the best e-liquid for your electronic cigarette. Vape Wild is one of the best e-juice manufacturers on the market today. This article provides a comprehensive review of Vape Wild e-juices.

Premium Vaporizer and E Juice Brands

When traditional premium brands are charging $20 or more for a 30 ml bottle of e-juice, the company offers premium brands on a budget for just $6.99 per 30 ml. Most of you might wonder how a budget pack could be so popular with the avid vapers. Even though most e-juice companies include pretentious descriptions onto their product websites to jack up the prices, it doesn’t make their products awesome. E-juice doesn’t have to be expensive to be awesome. Vape-Wild has already proven this fact with some of the best e-juices offered at affordable prices.


The packaging and design of the best vape mod starter kit is quite outstanding. It comes with plastic bottles, dripper spouts, and child-proof caps. The label design is great. It shows the nicotine level of the product on the left-hand side – the PG/VG ratio is indicated on the right. There are many choices for PG/VG ratio. The flavors are what make the product so popular and awesome. In fact, you can choose from more than 150 awesome flavors offered by the company – which spans from candies, breakfasts, beverages, menthols, fruits, and tobacco. In fact, there are some truly delicious options in the line-up. The Raspberry Rhubarb Custard flavor is one of the most popular which has a rating of 4.5/5 from real users of the product. It gives the flavor of a fruit bite where rhubarb is more prominent in the flavor. I’m On a Roll is another flavor that has received a rating of 4.5/5 from its users. It is a cinnamon/caramel roll e-liquid. The cinnamon is very subtle and less prominent than the caramel which finishes the whole thing nicely.

All in all, Vape Wild is one of the premium e-liquid brands on the market today. Visit + insert these myfreedomsmokes coupons at the checkout to get a suitable mod to use these e liquids with.

Are the Smok TFV 12 & R200 the top vaporizers

Best Vaporizer 2017 Ranking

Smok Magneto vape tank

The Smok TFV 12 is truly here to stay for a long time. The best dry herb vaporizer offers the amazing performance that you want to see in portable herbal vaporizers such as this one. Though you might not like the price, the Smok TFV 12 vape mod box mod vape has an incredible design that you should love right away these days.

3. Smok R200 200W TC VW Box MOD

These wonderful e cigarettes, atomizers and vape mod tanks offer temperature control and have the ability to fire up to 200W. It can support Stainless Steel, Titanium and Ni200 coils. It has two 18650 batteries which can offer a resistance of 0.06ohm in the temperature control mode, and this can last for long